Community Preparedness Planning in Sub District of Meuraksa-Banda Aceh

November 28th, 2011  |  Published in Disaster

several factors that augment vulnerability in Sub-District of Meuraksa

ABSTRACT: Community preparedness in disaster risk reduction planning is a condition of a community that is ready and able to face disaster in their area. Some goals of improving community in disaster preparedness is to increasing the capacity in early warning systems as well as getting the right and accurate information about the high risk zones which can be used as a reference to decision maker related to the preparation of spatial planning contingency based. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted in Districts Meuraksa-Banda Aceh from January 1-February 20, 2010. The method used is Participatory Action Research, consisting of several activities: Public Consultation Process, semi-structured interviews, field observations, and Global Positioning System (GPS) Survey. Data stored in a database system and analyzed with the Microsoft Excel and Geographical Information System (GIS) software: ArcGIS version 9.11. Results: The projections of population the population data for the year 2019 up to one hundred years showed the maximum population in Sub-district of Meuraksa is Punge Jurong 3466 people and minimum population is 229 people in Gampong Blang. The highest growth rates were found in three villages: Ulee Lheu (19%), Lampaseh Aceh (18%), and Punge Jurong (17%). The highest density is Punge Jurong while the smallest density is Village of Lambung. Currently, found three of the 28 buildings which recommended as evacuation building not exist in Sub-District of Meuraksa.  Community regarded the evacuation building is only Nippon  Koei which have capacity total is 1500 person. Difference average between the implementation and recommended evacuation route is 2.1 meter per track. Meuraksa Individual Evacuation Protocol of Sub-District of Meuraksa provide alternatives disaster risk reduction plan. Conclusion: Sub-District of Meuraksa require capacity building to increasing awareness as well as making regulations related to urbanization, several factors that augment vulnerability in
Sub-District of Meuraksa as follow are: population, density, evacuation planning, evacuation facilities management, and
poor of community participation, Meuraksa Individual Evacuation Protocol initiating the certain regulation to increasing the ability to enforce or encourage steps for mitigation and increasing defiance of safety precautions and regulations in Sub-district of Meuraksa.
Keywords: Community preparedness, Geographical Information System, Meuraksa Evacuation Protocol, Vulnerability, community participation.


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